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Istikhara to Save the Marriage when One Don’t Want

Istikhara to Save the Marriage when One Don’t Want


Istikhara is one of the most effective and preferable tactics by Muslim people for making all their wishes and desires come true. If you are also the person who is going through any kind of problem in your life then istikhara is one of the best choices for you to make complete your work without any obstacles. If you suffering from the issues of your married life where your spouse wants a divorce from you but you want to save your relationship then take help of istikhara to save the marriage when one don’t want. With the help of istikhara, you can easily make save your relationship and can give one more chance to your marriage relationship to grow with lots of love, care, affection, romance, care, trust, and fantasy. So before it gets late and your relationship gets spoil use istikhara. As being of normal human being if you don’t have knowledge about istikhara that how to make use it then make consult to our astrologer Moulana Ji and make help yourself to solve the marriage life issues, and save your marriage life before it gets spoil because when divorce takes part in married life then it not only effect the life of husband-wife even it affect the life of both people’s family and their children too.

Istikhara for making love alive in married life

Love is an essential part of every relationship and a relation where love gets missing then there is no worth of that relation and especially if you talk about marriage life then love really plays a very vital role. But if you feel that love is get missing somewhere then take use of Istikhara for making love alive in married life. When you use istikhara for saving your married life then it will work like the miracle for you.


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